Free Ebook: Lift Your Performance Marketing Game!

If you are running acquisition campaigns the same way you have for the last ten years, STOP! Not only has SEO dramatically changed, you have waaayyy more competition than you ever have, and regulations and taxes are slimming your margins. You must use the right technology and more savvy methods to keep up—and the opportunity to do so before your competition is now!

Fortunately, even some of the big players are slow to change their acquisition methods, offering you an incredible amount of opportunity, particularly as the U.S. market opens up. To help you navigate the changes and run more robust acquisition campaigns, we created a new ebook: Conquering iGaming Player Acquisition: The Keys to Lucrative Performance Marketing in 2021.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • How SEO has changed—and how your acquisition campaigns need to pivot
  • How to successfully use paid, owned, and earned media
  • The basics of conversion rate optimization
  • How to optimize customer acquisition (CAC) and player lifetime value (LTV)
  • What technology is essential in today's acquisition landscape
  • And much more!

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